Whirlpool Glamour Kitchen Contest

Fimera Design for Whirlpool Glamour Kitchen Contest.

Whirlpool Glamour Kitchen.

The Whirlpool Glamour Kitchen facilitates a high standard of functionality and is a reflection of modern day technology and design.

Every single detail has been thought out, to ensure a unique culinary experience; Just as the way Whirlpool designs its appliances, we believe that every detail is crucial.

We span a Whirlpool of emotion and effort into the whole kitchen design, with aesthetic emphasis on the kitchen island; the basin and facet follow the sleek, dramatic lines and curvatures of a real Whirlpool, creating a true ‘spin’ between design and the World of Whirlpool.

Thechnical details:
Materials: LG HI- MACS or Corian, MDF.
Removable kitchen basin for easy access and fitting.
All of the pipe and electrical works are running through the kithen whirlpool.

Design from Fimera Design Studio Ltd.

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